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All Recovered Materials


Recycling Equipment Design, Installation and Financing

AFS offers turn-key procurement, installation and financing of recycling equipment.  Our team members have built and successfully operated several recovered material processing facilities in the Southeastern US (Atlanta GA – multiple plants, Birmingham AL, Nashville TN, Greenville SC, Charleston SC, Asheville NC, Knoxville TN and Morristown TN).   Our hands-on experiences with plant design and recycling equipment selection and installation (including balers, shredders, conveyors, and air systems) uniquely qualifies us to assist our clients with recycling systems design and recommendations on equipment.-

Pulp Sales and Marketing

AFS team members have extensive knowledge and experience in the sale and marketing of chemical mechanical wood pulp and recycled fiber to world markets of communication papers, tissue and specialties.  We also possess fiber performance expertise to match the customer’s product specifications.  AFS is a Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Chain of Custody certificate holder.

Tissue Mill Raw Material Supply

AFS is a preferred supplier to most major tissue groups in North America.  Our team’s career experience with major tissue manufacturing companies uniquely qualifies us to understand and respond to the supply needs of the tissue industry.  Our knowledge of raw material requirements and de-inking technology has enabled our organization to become a leading supplier to the North American tissue industry.

Partners to the Document Destruction Industry

AFS currently manages the sale of recovered paper from numerous shredding and archives storage companies across the US and Canada and enjoys a leading sales position for shredded Office Paper.  We have installed numerous shredding and baling systems, which include dust collection and creative conveying designs that integrate material from stationary shredders and mobile shredding trucks.

Plastic Sales and Marketing

AFS buys and sells all grades of pre consumer post industrial plastic scrap and post consumer residential grades.  We can purchase and market full trucks loads and mixed loads.

Procurement and Supply Management

The AFS team has 150 combined years of mill procurement and trading experience with fortune 100 Pulp and Paper companies.

Mill Job Lot and Reject Roll Sales

AFS buys and sells Job Lot, Odd Lot and Reject Rolls from paper mills. We handle tissue parent rolls, bleach board, printing and writing paper rolls, Liner Board and specialty grades, as well as obsolete sheet stock and box inventories.

Market Expertise


Industry Expertise



Our comprehensive knowledge of constantly changing consuming mill requirements and foreign and domestic demand trends, along with a strong, consistent mill customer base insures that our clients receive the highest level of market intelligence, service and competitive pricing in the industry.


When it comes to pulp and paper purchasing and sales experience, we believe that we have one of the most experienced and best equipped teams in our industry.  Our professionals have extensive paper mill and recycling plant experience, which uniquely qualifies us to serve our clients’ various needs.  Our team members’ experience and expertise includes:

  • Management of Multi Mill Recovered Paper Procurement

  • Virgin Pulp Sales and Distribution

  • Paper Mill Operations

  • Recycling Plant Operations

  • Major Asset Purchasing (Recycling Equipment, Paper Making Equipment, Balers, Conveyors, and Air Systems


AFS understands that superior and innovative technology enables us to better serve our customers and suppliers. As such, we employ powerful software that is specific to recovered paper brokerage and recovered materials trading.  Our sophisticated systems have freed up our service and logistics specialists to provide the highest levels of personal service.